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Neighborhood in Medford, New York.
Has really nice areas, and average areas.
Where a lot of awesome people live :)
Person: Where in Medford do you live?
Me: Eagle Estates
by xoxoKelseyx3 February 14, 2009
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The ghetto part of Medford, many fights originating in Patmed Highschool end up here.

Home to drug addicts, white trash, and other assorted dangerous people just waiting to pull a knife on you for scuffing their $450.00 Nikes that they sold cigs for, or simply stole them from a rich wigger.

Avoid this territory, especially at night, and don't trust anyone from here until you are 100% sure they don't have a pistol in their pocket.
Wigger: Yo I got dese fo' hunnet dollah Nikes from da mall yestaday. mah daddy paid fo dat shit.

EE resident: *pulls out gun* Gimme dem kicks nigga.

Wigger: Oh geez.. Please take these and don't hurt me..

---Eagle Estates
by Ispeakthetruth450 June 09, 2009
the bad part of Medford,
also sometimes known as the "ghetto" part of Medford.
Place where many stoners and lookie loos live.
Commonly known as EE or Illegal Mistakes
"you live in eagle estates? wow man i feel bad for you!"
by fruitycupmuffin April 11, 2008

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