wee ginger, holds a strong resembellence to gretchin from the hit tv show 'recess!'
Eabha is always assosciated with the name Gemma Kelly.
enjoys beatin' around the bush...in other words getting her game on with the D!
she is mad craic 08 and 09..
a pure wee amaze babe.. who loves the craic jist, and bums the bakery.
Eabha is the biggest babe ever.
gees! that Eabhas pure going 90!!!

bitta that eabha.

by boylo and dortz? April 06, 2009
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Top Definition
A sexy mofo who knows where it's at. She is prone to trolling and is highly majestical. Errbody loves her.
"Hey there is Eabha!"
"I freaking love Eabha, she is amazing!"
by nightingale February 09, 2012

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