Dubious acronym for "Extra Thick Dick". Its use remains fairly limited, normally used in the cases of colloquial discriptions of congenital elephantitic disorders (hyperpeniplasia).
Shit! That ETD quartered her like a chicken!
by P.I. Staker June 06, 2007
Top Definition
J- "Dude, your shirt looks nasty."

P- "Oh yeah, well your face looks like a piece of shit fried in a vat of pubic hair... ETD!"
by Nocebo January 21, 2009
When your computer contracts a virus or disease from an electronic source. Electronically transmitted disease.
Alex: Get this, my computer contracted an ETD today.
Marie: That's the worst, stick with herpes it's a lot easier to deal with than a disease-riddled computer.
by Momo Mayes June 21, 2007
Emotionally Transmitted Disease.
Much like an S.T.D. an E.T.D. is contracted during an intimate relationship with someone who is emotionally unsound. Through repeated interactions and prolonged exposure with someone with an E.T.D. someone who started out the relationship as an emotionally healthy person develops issues because having a relationship with a crazy person who loves to share the crazy.
A: "I was fine until I started that affair with Tegan. Now I'm seeing my therapist twice a week and I'm on Zoloft because I'm so depressed."

B: "What did you expect? If he's cheating on his wife with you because he's too much of a pussy to get a divorce or improve his marriage he's not a good person to be around"

A: "But I love him, and I hope we can work it out. . . Even though he told me nothing is going to change. Thinking about it makes me want more happy pills."

B: "This is a bad situation. You got sucked into his fuckedupness. He's got the emotional equivalent of herpes and now you have it too. That boy gave you an E.T.D."
by ajws July 02, 2011
Verb: Luring a person/alien into a room by creating a path of candy (i.e. Reese's Pieces) leading into it.
After reaching the end of the trail of candy, I realized my sister totally E.T'd me.
by Madnasty February 11, 2011
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