1. Estimated Time of Completion (ETC)

2. Et Cetera
and others; and so forth; and so on
1. When is the ETC of the new Minecraft update?

2. We have dogs, cats, parrots, tigers, etc.
#abbreviation #and others #and so forth #and so on #etc #et cetera #et #cetera
by Kryticate July 26, 2011
"Etc.", with a period included, means "and so on".

The period serves no purpose, and it is commonly dropped, particularly in places such as Twitter, where space is at a premium. The requirement for a period at the end in order to be proper needs to be dropped.
There are many names for colors, such as red, blue, green, orange, etc, but there are far more colors than there are names.
#et caetera #et coetera #et cœtera. and so on #and so forth #and the like #&c.
by Chuck Baggett November 17, 2011
A three letter word that makes you sound like you know more then you actually do.
pi is equal to= 3.14...etc.
#ect #and so on #and so forth #et cetera #acronym
by Brandon Schmidt May 02, 2007
1. When you do not feel like elaborating on anything. Especially when the aforementioned phrases do not link in any way whatsoever. You would end the thought with "etc." because well, you just're an idiot.

2. When you do not wish to elaborate further on a topic where it is understood what happened next.
1. I had a can of peaches and I leaned into the dryer and realized that it smelled familiar and so I...etc

2. I was all up in her etc...
by Joules K. April 21, 2005
ETC is an offset of the Bloods. ETC is primarily an East-Coast gang, or "family". It ranges from Bermuda to New York.

Their colors are Red, Black, and White.
"I'm a Blood mutha' fucka'. I'm a Blood mutha' fucka'. Foreva' like ETC period motha' fucka'." - Lil Wayne
#etc #evil times crew #blood #bermuda #family
by Pseudonymph5 March 31, 2009
Electronic theater controls.
Makes The source 4 and the source 4 par. Best lighting instrument today in theater.
The theater had a inventory full of ETC equipment like Source 4's and Source 4 pars.
by NJ_Represent December 23, 2004
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