Eso is Greek, and refers to the Esoteric dimensions of Man existing simultaneously with the physical structure of Man. Specifically, Esoteric = MIND and Spiritual dimensions.

Eso is used as a prefix to other words to cause those words to suggest non-physical parts of Man.
The Esoteric dimensions of Man cannot be perceived by ones brain or physical senses. Esochology is the study of the Eso
by docjp May 17, 2010
Top Definition
East Side Oakland

See also (NSO) and (WSO)

No one ever throws up south!
"Eso muthafucka!"

"Get off my fuckin turf"
by A'Spades October 28, 2004
Used by many Venezuelans and if you translate it from spanish to english, it means "this" but it is used most times for basically "yeahhh" or "you got it going on!" or "cool"
friend 1 "hey look at my dress, it aint hot? i'm going to the club tonight!"
friend 2 "eso!!"

friend 3 "hey i kissed juan last night!"
friend 4 "eso!!"
by VBlotsathings December 03, 2010
east side oakland, da town!
murder dubbs, dirty 30s, shady 80s, 9800! the 100s irep the eso!
by sweets2400 April 11, 2008
Equiptment Superior To Operator

An error caused by an operator's innability to operate a device or tool properly.
The torque wrench was not broken, it was an obvious ESO Error.
by CrawfishStu October 10, 2006
A Gang Created On The East Coast,Adapted Color Is Usually Gray.Members Are Seen With Gray,Black,White Attire Regularly.The Gang Is Also Seperated Into Very Large Sets Consisting Of 20 - 50 Members.Famous Locations For This Gang Are, New York,North Carolina,Florida,Georgia,And Rumors State Even Some Parts Of California.
Damn,That Cat Is Representing 45th Street ESO Gang.
by Dre Mac March 08, 2006
Abbreviation for Ensemble Studios Online, the free multiplayer matchmaking service for Age of Mythology and its expansion pack, The Titans.

Used to have some bugs, but now works well.

Features chat rooms, online stats tracking, and of course, multiplayer game hosting and joining.
I wish to dominate mine foes with the powers of Olympus! TO ESO!
by Cataphract_40 September 21, 2004
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