This word is the opposite of "inept," or "awkward." It stands for extreme efficiency in doing a task at hand (often suavely and smoothly). Other variations of the word: eptness, eptly
The good-looking gent eptly poured the pretty lady a rum and coke.
by pi314pi314 July 17, 2009
Top Definition
Easy Peasy Tax, acronym. Attempt to stop Guardian online crossworders from overt displays of early-morning smugness by demanding entertaining compensation for irritating posts in the comments section, such as the classic "Easy Peasy", "Piece of Cake", "2 minutes & 16 seconds, really setter?", "What is this, The Sun, FFS?". Interesting notions or links such as musical clips, limericks, artwork and virtual food may be offered.
"Crossword finished before the plunger even down on the cafetiere... EPT this:

Let's hope that tomorrow the setter
Will come up with something much better
If it weren't for the splother,
I just wouldn't bother,
But be grabbing instead my Beretta!"
by JuicyCruci November 21, 2012
The Error Proof Test. An over the counter pregnancy test.
Jane thought she might be pregnant, so she went to the store and stole and e.p.t. to find out for sure.
by GurrYo June 01, 2006
1. Displaying general lack of incompetence. 2. An ability to complete an unimpressive task satisfactorily. ANTONYM: inept.
He would be perfect, because he is more than ept.
by monster February 19, 2003
E.P.T is abbreviated.Means El Paso TX.
A veterano told me E P T stood for unity.
by jcastro August 11, 2005
EL PASO TX. Even though the rest of TX don't claim us, it's cool we don't claim them.

El Chuco por vida
Where you from?
EPT y que
by PSV27 April 11, 2005
El Paso, Texas, da greatest city in West Texas!
I went down to EPT the other night, and man that place is da shit!
by Team LX September 17, 2004
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