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"Eve Of Destruction" A Kansas City based brotherhood that hates woman-beaters and other peices of shit. There are three basic rules is this brotherhood: no fags, no drugs, and no assclowns. E.O.D leaders remain anonomous. One is based in Kansas City, MO the other is based in Rapid City, SD. Members of E.O.D report to want to "spread the message" and get more members. Their colors are red, white, and black.
I got the shit beat out of me by a bunch of E.O.D
by Goobis Max March 03, 2009
2 11
Acronym for End of Day. Its prevalent among few corporate communities(like iflex solutions, India), used to denote end of the official working hours(like 5:30pm) for a day.
The project report should be submitted to the project office by EOD 23 March 2005.
by Nirmal Kumar March 20, 2005
19 31
Equal Opportunity Dater.
She's date anyone tall, short, fat, skinny, White, Asian, Black...etc...she's an EOD.
by Twinkie24 June 10, 2008
10 23
(abbrev.)East of Dequindre, a road that divides Macomb and Oakland County in Suburban Detroit. Everything EOD is a bit shady.
Hey man, she's nice and all, but I dont date chicks EOD.

I think Im gonna pass on that party man, its EOD.
by Wes Bloomfield May 12, 2005
24 39