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Evil (Things) and Monster Sightings message boards on Neopets.
Did you read the board I posted on EMS?
by Jovi Lloyd Morrison July 28, 2004
abbreviation for:
eat my shorts
n00b: lolololrofl 1 pWn3d |-|1/\/\
guy pwned: ems
by kikaimaster August 16, 2007
Stands for "Eat My Shit" (NOT Emergency Medical Service). See also, "S.M.D.," which stands for "Suck My Dick". Both acronyms are useful in social siutations where you wish to make an urgent, direct point; but full expression might be inappropriate, embarrassing, or just plain bad for your health or well-being.
Hey, you over there by the casserole, E.M.S.!
by Visionary Philosopher April 04, 2004
An acronym used for the phrase "eat my shit." Often used by people who get pwn3d by newbies in Tribes.
EMS U FUXNIG N00B!!!1111shiftshiftshift
by Cory April 10, 2005
1.OMG dis is nawt a wurrd!!!! ---deletedlete minimisse--*

2. A sexy little goat that you just can't keep your hands off of.

3. Barbie Vs. Spiderman
1. omg y r u so litrat???/?//
Becuse Ime smartur and mor intellectul than you. I spel corectly.

2. Yo homie, you're all up in my chick!
Sorry dude, she's just so EMSy.

3. OH MY GOD! It's a bug! SIKE.

4. Ok Michael, this is your last warning:
stop cheating on me with little Kelly or I'll put my pants back on!
by Queen Sarah the not-so-thrid December 02, 2005
a room created by dunno/MaTt` on msn originally (when mx4 was around), and now its moved to digitalfuse.

(Elite mIRC Scripters)
join #ems
by dunno April 03, 2004
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