Eat My Shorts. Used to express disgust or distaste toward someone. Often used instead of more played out, vulgar acronyms such as SMD, GFY, LMB, HUD, DIAGF, and GIFAFI.
"You went on a romantic date with my sister, and then never called her again? EMS!"
by JMaster130 March 05, 2010
Eat My Shorts
In reply to someone where a smart-assed comment is to be expected: You could say EMS Eat My Shorts. Another like reply would be BM Bite Me. I didn't see that last one on your site either.
by Ossy October 10, 2009
Eat My Shit
I was texting with my ex-gf, she wanting to get back together, I texted "EMS bitch." to her.
by SLYX September 07, 2009
E.M.S. is an acronym which stands for "Eat My Shit." It can be used in conjunction with "Snack On My Dump" and "Lick My Chee". Both are references to consuming fecal matter.
"Hey could you help me out with this project?"
"Could you E.M.S.?"
by Vincent Guido February 07, 2006
acronym for eat my shorts as said by Bart Simpson
EMS Lisa, Eat My Shorts
by Shireen June 09, 2005
The best place in the virtual word, as Jovi said.
But EMS was overthrown.
So now we moved it to italian.
I -heart- You all.
by Morb November 19, 2004
A Neopian forum where emo vampliers and scene kids have taken over. There are a few cool people there, though, who make it an okay place to hang out. Of course you could always throw down your doritoes and get a real social life. But if this is not an option, then I'd suggest making friends with any of the following:

Taryn (Orange)
Soylent Green chick

But again.
I'd suggest not even bothering as they will most likely tear your ass up.

Esp. through trolling. ;D
Jennuh: omg popcore thay ayt mai fingur
Popcore: uhhh u shud kick dem in da fupa!
Jennuh: lol u got ownd bi a fish

by Popcore December 19, 2008

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