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When added to most any verb, the suffix "ems" puts that verb in to action in place of a longer, less necessary sentence/predicate. Able to be used in the 1st or 3rd person, this suffix typically makes light of a more serious situation, however the particualar usage of this suffix in often left to be interpreted by the listener according to the context of the conversation or mood of the room.
Upon winning the sports bet, Mitchell screams "Payems"; short for "Fantastic, I have won this bet and will be paid". When Tyler is asked if he should go back to the bar and pay the tab that he forgot to pay, Tyler screams out "Fuckems"; short for "Fuck that, I will do it later". Brantley points out the attractive girl at the BBQ restaurant by simply saying "Doems"; short for "I sure would like to do her/sexually intercourse her".
by Sweet Cakes July 31, 2006
Earn Money Sleeping
I am aware he is involved in EMS.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
Emergency Masturbation Secession
To masturbate; To Fuck oneself
Dude, I totally just EMSed - I totally just masturbate

*Lame joke told* "Go EMS right now! not even kidding, now!" - "Go Fuck yourself!"
by Chlorine Is Poisonous December 01, 2013
A type of bollo. Usually has brown hair and brown eyes and tends to love people called katie.
Guy 1: What's that girl Ems like?
Guy 2: She's a real mogey bollo.
by ems(: December 11, 2010
Early Morning Sesh.
A session of smoking cannabis in the very early morning before doing anything else.
To the EMS boys!
by dealergirl October 10, 2010
Adjective- to have confidence, be a master of the English language, dress nice, have nice hair, a nice smile, know shes the shit but not flaunt it just know it so its like a subtle thing, have a lip ring or nose ring they can pull off, wear straight leg jeans, have red or strawberry blond hair, be adorable, be hot.
Friend 1- "Man, that girl is so EMS"

Friend 2- "Yeah you're right she totally does."
by brockmannnnnnn August 23, 2010
Early Morning Spray-The morning shits that one gets after a long night of drinking. Usually plagues you while in your first class of the day and lasts until you start drinking again.
Derek-Oh god, I have the worst EMS right now. I need to get to the bathroom.
by somf March 24, 2010