Evil Thing And Monster Sightings Board on Neopets
Those GCer's have invaded the EMS!
by Vikki April 30, 2004
Earn Money Sleeping
I am aware he is involved in EMS.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
Erratic Memory Service
E-M-S: When your memory isn't functioning well..
by nope12334455667567 August 25, 2007
A board on neopets for all the dumb, random people. But n00bs have taken over alot of it and we must stab them with taco shoes -_-
" Good God. Ems is dead tonight"
by Bod August 20, 2004
Acronym for the necessities of a teenager or college student, in the order that they do them when they get home. It stands for eat masturbate sleep.
"I'm playing COD when I get home."
"I'm too tired for that. I'll just EMS."
by SwerveDavid97 January 26, 2013
Europe MapleStory, a game which makes you become addicted and leeches your money + life.

a) dude you play EMS or GMS?
b) EMS FTW !!!


You have been playing MapleStory for 32 hour(s). We suggest you to take a break.

*keeps tapping to ctrl*
by xxxFangBladexxx0o0o October 18, 2010
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