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Evil and Monster Sightings, board 17 on Neopets.
populated by mostly stupid people and ruled by the regs (amber, vaspim, leslie, julia, jennuh, olivia, shane, alaina, etc etc)
ems is betr dan ur dum boardz u faggots!!!11
by no u!!11~!!11! January 15, 2007
35 31
Evil Thing And Monster Sightings Board on Neopets
Those GCer's have invaded the EMS!
by Vikki April 30, 2004
34 30
Extra Marital Sex, which usually refers to the Emergency Medical Service.
Once we started an EMS service all our employees have been getting divorces.
by takinyalldown October 27, 2011
4 1
think about it duh.

Eat my shit!
Jamie, you can E.M.S. you red haired clown!
by mexican-jumping-bean November 09, 2010
3 0
"Eat my Shit"

It's like saying "Not this time"
John: "Please let me win this race!"

Gabriel: "Ems this time."
by Philip.s October 18, 2008
5 2
EMS is the Evil Things and Monster Sightings board on Neopets. Someday, the annoyers will rule it. Currently, there is a n00b infestation.
What the n00bs of EMS are like:
OMG. lol. i luv evry1 on EMS.
omg! i gawthc! hlp me b4 i kil myself!
im a vampire! run away!
im a wich! run away!
im a warewolf! run awya!
im a lycan! run caway!
omg. my bf is hawt.

Normal People of EMS:
...xDDDD Stupid n00bs.
Long live Annoyers.
N00b, get off my board.
EMS is dead.
by Chibi Monkey August 23, 2004
36 33
A term in Alnwick meaning a tart/hussy; this is the type of girl that enjoys annoying lad's girlfriends... This girl pretends she is clever when really, she is scum. She enjoys hanging around subways with vast quantities of cheap booze, she thinks she is amazing.
"That Ems is a total whore"

"She is a complete Ems!"
by Whogivesa April 22, 2008
21 19