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"Come here?"
"no. Emg."
by Cheekymonkey337 November 12, 2011
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Early morning glory. That wonderful feeling of waking in the morning, wiping the sleep from your eyes and staring down at the triumphant throbbing member that has risen with no regard for your state of conciousness. (In laymans terms, waking up with a boner.)
Ryan: Why's it taking you so long to get up?

Ricky: I'm pitching a tent down here, I'll probably have to jerk it to get rid of this EMG.

Ryan: Nice
by Rugby road massive88 January 20, 2009
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Use this when you are to lazy to actually change your speling mistakes. This will not work on school papers. emg.
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Ew My Gawd

OMG for more rude and/or disgusting situations.
EMG, he just like totally vomited and my new flip flops!
by Aural B July 13, 2006
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5 abrreviation for "Er my gosh" used to make fun of girls who say or use omg (oh my gosh) all the time

2. A phrase used in place of excitement of disbelief like omg.
1."Er my gosh, I can't believe she said that"

2."Er my gosh!"
by Mad Prop April 06, 2005
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Purveyor of cold, lifeless pickups, usually used by 14-year-old "shredders" who think that's they're 'over' such petty influences as Jimi Hendrix.
omgth! I justh put a set of 3 EMGs in my black ESP, now I can shredd like the guys from Dragonforce. Games like Everquest give me a hard-on.

Exit My Guitar.
by bobberts June 17, 2006
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