Nasty handwriting, chicken scratch. Usually first letter of the word is 3-4 times bigger than the rest. People who can decipher this kind of handwriting are extremely rare. Those who write this way are more common.
-OK, this time I gave you B, but next time I see this EKG on your test I won't hesitate to give you F, no matter what you wrote. None of my colleagues could decipher what you wrote.
by cocinella August 18, 2010
Top Definition
Elektrokardiogramm a german word for defining the heart test.

in english it's Elektrocardiogramm
You must go for EKG test to make sure your heart is all fine.
by Yoav12 January 03, 2006
A polydrug combination consisting of ecstacy, ketamine, and GHB. Note that caution must be exercised when mixing ketamine and GHB or you might have to go for an EEG.
I went for an EKG last night and ended up fucking a stuffed hippo.
by G-Funkadelic June 08, 2006
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