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abbreviation for Every Fucking Goddamn Hour. EFG can also be used with any other noun.
1. that yippy dog barked EFGH last night!
by SKDu69 March 25, 2010
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1) It is a acronym for a sustainable and effective approach to exercise that proceeds from easy to hard. 2) A system of mainly body weight exercises that includes plenty of variety and strongly advocates a gradual progression for a safe and lasting expierence. 3) A whole body method of movement that conditions the body as well the mind. Every workout has elements that are easy, fluctuating, gradual and hard.
I thought P90X and Insanity were good but I could only do it for two or three days, then I heard about EFGH on facebook, I tried it once and I was like wow, this works perfectly for me.
God is the mastermind behind this brilliant solution to inactivity and obesity.
by Jonefgh May 15, 2011
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