"Effervescent Butt Piss" - a form of diarrhea combined with gas that results in a liquidy/foamy, nasty mess.
After Johnny housed those 10 suicide wings from Hooters he had some SERIOUS EBP that night.
by Pizzy12 January 31, 2008
Top Definition
Educated Black Person; African American college alumni; they are usually politically aware; they enjoy baked chicken, mega churches, jazz, neo-soul, natural hair, organic food, and have undoubtedly attended an HBCU, or they at least know what one is. They also love gated communities to keep out the UEBPs.
An upper-midle class citizen of the Black community is an EBP.
by SMASH3000 May 01, 2008
(Emergency Bowl Pack) When a person gets down to the end of his marijuana sac, it is the last bowl pack in the bag. It is usually just enough for one person and is reserved for a later date.
Yo dude leave me an EBP for later tomorrow after my test.
by Billy Blunts September 30, 2010
Electron Blue Pearl (Honda paint color code b95p).
My lude is badass b/c it's an EBP!
by Mdtdnb September 07, 2008
Someone who is really flirty. EBP is usually used to describe a female. Usually flirts with many guys at once, plays them and uses them for her benefits. Goes to Sir Allan Macnab (HWDSB).
Guy One: Ahh I love her man!
Guy Two: ahhaha. She is a EBP dude! Dont even fall for that.
by HECTOR !!! June 16, 2009
aka: Error Button Pressing

When playing Madden Football and you push the wrong button when passing or running.
I was playing against my roomate dropped backl to pass and the ball went to an unintended receiver.
I shouted, " EBP!"
by Sal Giants August 17, 2011
EBP = Erection By Peer
For example, EBP is an sexy erection, i wanna hug his peer
by Joe Gilmore August 29, 2005
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