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Electronic Body Music.
A genre of music that is basically Dance music for goths. An off-shoot from the Industrial scene. Its hard to remain unbiased when summing up this genre. Basically its for Cyber Goths, Ravers who want to be goths but cant stand Guitars, and Rivit Heads who want to form a band, but cant play any instruments so they only use electronic music.
Razed In Black are probably the most well known E.B.M. (Unlike VNV nation who would have been but are somehow confused with Industrial)"band".
E.B.M. usually sounds like depressing or angry/angsty dance and techno music.
Played in Goth rooms across the country to piss off the Goths and Rivit Heads.
Unlike Industrial Rock which mixes Synths, Techno Beats, Mechanical sounds and other distortions along with the guitar, drum, bass, vocal combo to make an overall better sound, EBM takes out the guitars, drums, bass. Now im not a fancy pants lawyer, but it doesnt take Shelock Holmes to realise that Industrial Rock without the Guitars, drums and bass is just a load of sound effects and dance music with some guy whining about how the world hates him, and how he gets really, like, depressed man, over it.
"Well another night in Eddies "goth" room, listening to dance music for 3 hours before they play any decent music."

-"I requested Oh My Goth by Razed In Black"

-"You mean the ONLY good EBM song?"

-"Yeah it beats VNV nations whining"

-"I requested some Siouxsie, The Cure, Orgy, NIN, KMFDM, Gothministers, Manson, Rasputina, Pig and Switchblade"

-"Did the DJ have any?"

-"Nah but he said he'll put that "call on me" song thats NUMBER ONE IN THE POP CHARTS next...'cus its so EBMy"

-"Glad were in the goth room, no one will notice i slit my wrists...fucking EBM!"
by Mike December 02, 2004

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