A gang located in a neighborhood near you. Mostly in the 541.
"I wouldn't wanna be a triad in 541...EAC are fucking G.
by EAC-541 January 18, 2009
An abbreviation for Evil Atheist Conspiracy, popular on Internet discussion fora.
"The newspaper printed my letter to the editor on the Establishment Clause." "Excellent work. Your commendation will soon arrive from Evil Atheist Conspiracy HQ by black helicopter -- or at least it would if the EAC existed."
by Doctor Whom February 19, 2008
EAC means Emitted Audible Chuckle.

It is just the 2.0 of LOL used by elitests
XxJimmy666xX: I just cummed all over my bed sheets :angry:

funni_monie$: EAC
by Daniel Stanley August 08, 2005
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