Short for Elusive Asian

Often, non asian men will want to date a hot asian girl but finding a suitable partner can be problematic.

Also used when commenting on attractive asian girls.
"EA Sports...It's in the GAME"
by Durt McGurk November 06, 2011
Electronic Arts

A videogame company who is famous for creating the Sims and Madden. Although they continue to have high sales many gamers accuse EA of being stale, unoriginal, more concerned with making money, and strong arming the industry to follow them.
"I like Dreamcast but EA never developed from them."
by VicHek June 02, 2004
EA = Enrolled Agent.
"Enrolled Agent" (EA) is a tax professional who has passed an IRS test covering all aspects of taxation, plus passed an IRS background check.
I went to see an EA for my taxes.
by Mando69 April 05, 2007
A decent games company. Not like most of the Descriptions on this page, with trivial mongering people who call themselfs gamers. Published many great titles, including the long running Sport series FIFA. Fps games include Battlefield and Medal of Honor. Bought a lease of life back into WW2 Games with The Saboteur. a fairly successful company.
Bill: Hey, getting the new Battlefield?
Joe: No, its EA, EA Are the source of All EVIL! they bought out loads of good companys!!!11:@
Bill: Chill, No need to be so trivial.
Joe: EA Will Conquer the WORLD!
by HaaaTrivialNerrrds March 26, 2010
Electronics Arts, inc. A Producer and Distributor of Video Games.
EA is another way that the Man is keeping us down. Much like my older brother couldnt go to work because he was into crack, I cant go to work because of the Playstation 2.
by Da NavisLonga X May 02, 2005
Abbreviation for Early Action, a non-binding form of admission to college in which you receive your admissions decision in December instead of April.

Can also be SCEA or EASC - "single-choice early action" - which means you can only apply early action to one school.
I applied to Harvard EA.
by bob January 01, 2005
Eyedea & Abilities

An incredable team of rappers. Combined of Eyedea on the mic and Abilities working the beats.
Great music group who will soon be ledgends
by Chris January 15, 2005

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