Produced good games like Battlefield - destroyed good companies like Westwood. Trying to take over the world by buying all decent, or good, gamedeveloping companies out there.

The EA studio in New York had two choices - either be raped by producing games they don't like under a short amount of time or break out from the evil brand EA and produce their own games. First of was this Frontline game. Moo moo.
Must... Produce... Good... Games... Without... EA's... Influence... ...Long... Live... Independence!

Long live funcom, the norweigan studio for making Age of Conan.
by Miss Murd3r January 16, 2008
A company whose existence is dedicated to fucking over all gamers and developers with whom it comes in contact.
1: Dude, did you hear about the horror stories that former EA game developers tell?

2: Yeah, that's fucked up. Did you hear that EA gained control of Star Wars?

1: No. Fuck.
by hello everybody im Nappa May 12, 2013
To promise someone a somethin of very High Quality, and then proceed to fuck them in the ass.
"Man, that girl totally EA'd me. She was promising me some of dat sweet booty all night, and then when i took her back to my place, she just pulled out a dragon dildo and fucked me.
by TotallyNotEA November 17, 2014
Unless the previous entry is written sarcasticly, The author is a complete imbecile. Roflcopter!!!
EA are scum. ;asljknfp a;lspkfnm;L KMDNF;lmd nf;KAMDNFL Ksajdnf
by Llama0wn3d May 27, 2007
Electronic Arts.

The name of a massive videogame corporation that has brought us countless games of all genres, all series, and for all platforms, such as The Sims, Command & Conquer, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Medal of Honor, , and even a plethora of sports games.
"They bought out various failing gaming companies......but if they buy out Nintendo I'll be pissed. Then again, it'll never happen. ^_~ "
by Dave January 26, 2004
Company with iOS games that will fuck you in the ass
Hey, do you want to get Fifa 16 Ultamite Team

by UWEHRF843YH8R934545554 December 14, 2015
Short for "Encouraging Alcoholics". Any teenager can become a member of EA by just simply drinking on most days and weekends. It is not an exclusive group as much as it is an idea. Most people refer to an "EA meeting" simply as a party where there will be moderately to heavy drinking. Depending on the members of the EA gathering or party, there will be some mistakes made that night but there will also be great story's to tell in the morning. (If you can remember)
Person 1 "Hey are you going to the EA meeting this weekend?"
Person 2 "Ya i'm going to get so sloshed"
ex 2)
Person 1 "Hey are you going to the EA meeting this weekend?"
Person 2: Ya, i'm going to get moderately sloshed"
by omsoC February 14, 2012

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