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(n.) Abbreviation for "Explosive Liquid Diarrhea," a very unpleasant gastro-intestinal condition, indeed.
"Mom, I gotta stay home from school today. I have E.L.D. and didn't quite make it to the can in time."
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
English Language Development AKA ESL, English as Second Language. It's a class usually for those people who just came to America, and speak English as their second language. They used ESL before, but now, they all use ELD instead of ESL.
A: Are you still in ELD?
B: nope, I got out of that class last year.
by YJY June 23, 2009
( El’ – De) 1. Noun; abbreviation for the Cadillac El Dorado, commonly thought of as the “top of the line” in the Cadillac catalog. 2. Adjective; describing an upgraded or “top of the line” product or person. Used in context to give value to a particular item or person. Common misconception: El D or “L-D” does not refer to any particular part of the male anatomy and should not be interpreted as “large dick”, “loving dong” or any other bastardization of the term.
“So Jill, are you ready to step up to the El D, or are you happy with that shitty boyfriend you have?”
by J. C. Lee August 01, 2006
European Lifestyle Desire Syndrome

A condition in which an American person wishes they could live as a European.
Person 1: "I want to live in Paris, with a second home in Rome!"

Person 2: "I think you have a serious case of ELDS."
by Euro Trash Boy September 29, 2010
el dorado. the car. that's it
seriously. the car. that's it... ass
by herschel quintron March 16, 2005
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