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stands for Electronic Displays of Affection and refers to annoying couples who choose to share their love for each other incessantly over the internet for all to see.

usually uses multiple forms of social media like twitter and facebook combined causing multiple TMI's.

instead of coming off genuine the public reads it as forced and in turn thinks their EDA is a big cover up for problems.
"i love mr. X, he's so amazing and wonderful!"

"i can't wait till my hunny bunny comes homes home for some snuggles! wink. wink."

"pouty face. i don't get to see my sweets for five whole hours today. what am i going to do?!??!"

"look how handsome my man is today, and look, he brought me flowers!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!"

"omg i'm so glad my sexy stud muffin is home so i can tongue him, LOL ; )"

All wonderful examples of E.D.A (or EDA)
#pda #annoying #relationships #cover up #fake #stab my eyes out
by enoughalready March 14, 2010
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