short for earth worm jim ...also known as someone who is tall and skinny,they lookin like an earth worm
Josh w. sean d. ray d. and may other people you see on a daily baisis..That kid was Edub!!!
by rainbow man November 19, 2007
The name of a prolific Gangsta Crew which took up residence 'on the block' near Edworthy park (Hence the name "E-Dub")in a neighbourhood called Wildwood in South Central Alberta, Canada. The Crew was notorius for getting high and hanging out at Mac's convenience store, as well as, for it's refined taste Rap Music. The Crew disbanded in late 2005. The glue that held the crew together, (commonly known as "rap Juice" or "Gangsta Glue"), began to fade. Many members have now relocated and can now be found all over Western Canada, while some members are still 'holdin' it Down' South Central Alberta (namely: Magic Mike).
"E-Dub is the motherfuckin' shit!", "E-Dub got that Rap Juice Yo!" , "Whoeva fuck wit E-Dub, Be fuckin' wif some REEAL Shiit"
by Little Ray Ray's Biographer July 26, 2013
a rolie polie second basemen with no god givin talent and willingly sucks black cock and swallows and like to go by sperm dumpster
that kid playing second base is such an e-dub i think he should lose some wieght or something.
by lee runions April 11, 2008
Slang for e/w which stands for electronic whisper, which is a text message.
"Dude, drop me an e-dub and we'll meet up"
by Dunph January 26, 2009
Short for Essex Community College. This is one of Amercia's finest schools, located in Essex, Maryland.
There are so many crappy rice rockets at the Edub.
by Kevin Mchale March 12, 2005
The sweetist nig,mofo, or craziest playa around. Mostly a guy with the name Elliot. YEAIII BITCH
Yo e-dub come here and gimme some love.
by elliot November 21, 2004
E-dub-Means the sickest sweetest nig out ther, crazy as shit and wears a blue flag out his backside,ya, thats the cript side.Most likely with the name elliot or edmund.
Yo e-Dub, (elliot) whats crackalackin?
by Elliot(e-Dub) November 18, 2004

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