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What you need when getting mentally exhausted by spending a long time at your computer non-stop, either surfing or gaming. A way to recover would include doing something different, even physical excersice.
Ahh, enough gaming for now. I need an E-break.
by AluXeZ December 20, 2010
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Tha fkin break u slap on wen ur takin tha corner 4 a drift aka handbreak
Dartin downhill at 55, the rAceR pulls da E-BREAK right before the corner an drifts dat bitch like a fukin angel
by dR|f7|/\/_7#uG**J.D.I** May 22, 2005
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To dump someone or be dumped via email.
Bert: Hey Andy, what happened with that orangaboon you poached?

Andy: She was moving too fast so I had to pull the ebreak.
by Berto Lufongo March 22, 2007
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