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n. When someone starts an internet activity (i.e. Myspace or making a webpage) only to give it up in a period of 2-3 weeks.
I made a MySpace account the other week but I had to have an e-bortion because I actually have a real life.
#abortion #quit #ebortion #quitter #stop #internet
by Matt Mmm March 06, 2006
6 Words related to E-bortion
when someone cybers too much and their partner becomes unwantedly pregnant they have an ebortion
1. that nerd kid couldnt get any so he had to cyber with some girl from Japan, now she has to get an ebortion
2. Ray lived so far away from his girlfriend they had to cyber without protection, now shes going in for an ebortion
#ebortion #cyber #computers #ray #had-a-dad-a-dad-a
by sammpie December 07, 2006
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