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Electronic bling.
Used by some Bay Area yuppies and other Bay Area residents.
Damn, check out Greg's new cell phone!
He's got phat ebling!
by Le Bob June 29, 2004
5 5
A new term coined for crappy websites with a bunch of shiney or flashing images. Usually appear as borders of a picture or flashing text.
"Look at the e-bling on this crappy site, makes my eyes bleed"
by Nate180 September 15, 2007
20 2
An aggregate grouping or series of stylized printings, fonts, icons, emoticons, avatars, proverbs, etc., usually found at the end of an e-mail message uniquely identifying and personifying the sender.
An example would be when a e-mailer has his business card personal information following his signoff. Also included after the personal info might be a proverb or an avatar or funny picture that identifies the sender. All that superflous stuff added at the end of an email including smiley faces can be construed as E-Bling.
by Blaisep2 May 16, 2011
1 0