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"Poser is a word that is originally spelled as Poseur, but became accepted as a word on itself later".

An E-Poser is someone who online pretends to be more interesting, famous or successful than he/she actually is. You can recognize an E-Poser pretty quick when they mess up their story or can't provide any relevant evidence of their success. Dead giveaways are:
Quick and rehearsed stories…
An Account that is only a couple of weeks old…
And them being very secretively about their persona…
E-Poser: "Hi... Did you make this picture?"
U Kesslinger: "Yes, it took some time, but it came out fine I think".
E-Poser: "Yea. I am a frontier artist myself. I had people begging me to make some for their stores and profiles. I had a big in-world gallery, but it got closed by Linden Labs since other artists became jealous and mass reported me. I lost thousends of Lindens on that account".
U Kesslinger: "Aha.. Can I see some of those pictures?"
E-Poser: "I prefer not to show them in case someone sees it and reports me again... I work on new projects with some high ranking Residents... Can't take the risk".
U Kesslinger: "I think I go stand overthere for a bit...".
#lindens #linden labs #second life #poser #poseur
by Uman Kesslinger October 26, 2010
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