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The word e-homie means an online black/mexican or wannabe black/mexican friend that u talk to about any type of shit.
-Ay foo, i fucked my grandma last night. I only said that to u cuz u my e-homie!
-Foe life!
by Fiyah February 02, 2007
The word "E-Homie" means a homie from you met from the net, and have never met, but are good mates on the internet.
Man1: Man, your an e-homie
Man2: You too man

Lol I couldnt think of anything LOL
by EmCee187um January 23, 2007
One who spends his/her day trying to get restricted definitions which include names of their friends/highschool/babysitters, etc., on UrbanDictionary.com
My Boyfriend loves me. He E-Homied me under "Skank Ass Hobag"!
by That Dez April 23, 2007