a friend you know from the internet, an "electronic friend."
I love my e-friends who live in my computer!
by Safffernellie September 02, 2009
Top Definition
E-Friend (efriend, efrnd): A relationship between two individuals, taking place exclusively in cyberspace.

With the growing use of digital communication—email, instant messaging, text messaging, etc.—there has become a growing incidence of digital relationships. The term E-Friend is often used to describe these relationships.

It has a variety of applications; it is frequently used to mean any kind relationship occurring with the aid of cell phones, personal digital assistants, instant messaging services or email.

It may appear in sms (short message service) as efrnd.

Re: Let me just say to all relatives, friends, acquaintances and E-Friends, have a MERRY XMAS!!
Anonymous Email

"I have friends, they're E-Friends, just because I've never met them doesn't mean they're not friends!"
Taken from Friendster profile

"She doesn't mean anything to me, she's just an efriend."
Anonymous blogger

by Sean Garmire January 26, 2006
E-Friends, a group of friends who have met over the internets. See: www.rshl.org
Hello my E-FRIENDS, is it time to unite?
by ei November 16, 2004
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