a crush on someboby you met in the net, you have never met this person in real life
I hav an E-crush on Jono78, i met him on habbo
by Vroom78 June 14, 2008
Top Definition
E-Crush is when someone has a crush on someone they met through the internet. Ofcourse they've had no contact with this person outside the internet. E-crushes are superficial and should NOT be taken seriously. Most people take a short time to get over e-crushes as they usually mean nothing
"Stop having an e-crush! Get someone who's 100% not a fake person!!"
by Anonymus July 04, 2005
when you're on exstacy and meet someone and have a crush on them, but when you wake up and feel sad and depressed the crush is over
DUDE! i had a crush on that girl last night, but now i don't care for her at all.

yeah, you had an e-crush. short lived happiness
by rickshawhooligan March 07, 2010
E-Crush, or www.ecrush.com, is a "hookup" site for people between the ages of 13 and 20-something. People create profiles, send notes to other prospects, and try to find people. The real thing of note behind E-Crush, however, is E-Crush Chat, a chatroom for members of the site. You'd expect people who can sign up for a website to have at least a fraction of a brain, but the retards who make up most of the chat apparently have no such thing. The majority of them are ASLers, with the exception of a few people, myself included. If you ever want to see how the American youth population has fallen to new depths, by all means, visit. Look out for DoctorTony or Tony_of_the_Fayth; that's me, one of the rare "humans" who visits the chat. I just might save your life.
Go get a real human. Don't use E-Crush, except maybe for the chat.
by Tony_of_the_Fayth November 24, 2004
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