the act of celebrating someone's accomplishment, or any other satisfactory event pertaining, with a much earned internet "bump" (*e-bump*)
dude1: "you hook up with that floozie last night?"
dude2: "hell ya."
dude1: "(*e-bump*)
by Loser X March 07, 2011
Top Definition
(n.) Ecstasy
(v.) To take large amounts of ecstasy, chew straws, wear sunglasses
Example 1
Person 1: Monitor Your Friends Progress!

Example 2
Steve: Hey, man, tryna go E Bumpin tonight?!
Brad: Helll yahhhh brahhh, totally down for an E Bump! I have a whole pocket full of Wendy's straws!
by ApocalypseIX September 15, 2010
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