Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, an illegal hallucinogenic and stimulant drug
That E can do more harm to you than you might think.
by The Return of Light Joker November 26, 2010
Emphasising electronic usage, pronounded eeeeeeeeeeh
To è or not to è, that is the quotient.
by Hercolena Oliver June 27, 2010
fifth letter of the alphabet
E represent many things. But mostly, it symbolizes Excellence
by alphabetperon June 25, 2010
A napsack or backpack used to carry books and other essential needs in school
Moatti: Hey guys why are you wearing your backpacks?
Riley: Its an E
Moatti: whats an E
Nick: go back to egypt moatti
Moatti: i hate you
Riley: moatti, an E is a napsack you idiot
Evan: I started that shit
Aaron: aight peace
by Riley Lang January 24, 2010
A cup size that cannot be associated with DD. Bigger than DD
Person A: Did you see that girls tits?
Person B: Yeah! Those were definately E's
by percussionboy November 25, 2009
In Maryland schools, E is a nice way of saying you have an F. (F as in the grade)
Ex 1: Hah hah Jimmy you got an E :P

Ex 2: You got an E. It's not as bad as an F but it means that your below average and we just want to keep you back so you can learn ok? :)
by Soundman October 28, 2006
Abbreviated suffix for 'Electronic'. Used to indicate an online version of something.
My uncle works in ecommerce. That is, he makes a living by sitting at home in front of the computer in his underwear.
by Smokey Q Rivers July 10, 2008

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