A term used to describe females (or males) that give many blowjobs to others. Dyson can also refer to a slut or skank.

This term is derived from Dyson Vaccums whose slogan is "Never loses Suction"
A: Did you hear Jenny sucked for 2 guys at the same time?
B: God, I know. She's sucha dyson.
by cooldude505 August 04, 2009
Whilst at hooters with your comrades, go into the bathroom and place your dick into the nozzle of the hand dryer. Important: make sure that the nozzle is facing upwards. Now shoot your load and you will get a facial. A cuCUMber mask, if you will. After enjoying the experience for a moment, wash the jizz off of your face and pat dry with a towel.
I felt like a homosexual after enjoying a dyson in the hooters restroom, but Adam told me that it's not gay if you're by yourself when it happens. He also said, "If it's not a dyson then you paid too much."
by ParrotCall December 29, 2008
To make a gross miscalculation, especially anything sports related; as in John Dyson's grave mistake in interpreting the D/L score in the West Indies vs England ODI that took place on 20 March 2009 causing the W.I. to lose a match that they could have easily won.
Rishi: "Rajiv thought that the Trinidad and Tobago team had already qualified for the knockout stage so he bought a box seat ticket for the match. But they didn't make it to that round."

Shavak: "Whoa. I guessed he pulled a dyson."
by shavies March 22, 2009
1. someone who has a very poor mum who tries to marry rich people but is unsuccessful and ends up marrying someone called jonny who thinks he's in the marines and swears a lot.
2. someone who enjoys shuving "dyson" vacum cleaners up their arse or vagina.
3. a slag
4. someone who is friends with a kurky
5. someone who would go out with anyone to get a bit of cock
6. someone very ugly and unattractive who wants to be a hairdresser
7. a girl who speaks in a manly voice
8. a butch lesbian
9. a fat jewish gladiator who is best friends with a conyers
ohmygod i think i'm a dyson, my mum is poor and trying to marry my rich uncle.

haha i saw this new porno last night, she was doing a dyson

it's been a while since i had some cock, i'm turning into a dyson
by magandy December 12, 2007
Dyson is fucking brilliant, particularly the type of Dyson known as Adam Dyson. Dyson is the best.
Dyson is so fucking brilliant.
by definitely not Dyson June 15, 2004
wot a mong!
he is a dyson, shut up dyson, im sorry dyson
by Joe Bunce May 19, 2004
a person known as adam dyson, he is the example and the person whom this type of person is named after. a dyson is a freak with no friends, he must have a wierd hairstyle and a small penis, the person must be of male gender
hes got a dyson following him, he's such a dyson, you see him hes a dyson; what a freak
by bob April 08, 2004

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