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A sexual move involving a human mouth and an erect penis. A "dyson hoover" is the king of all blowjobs, it occurs when a penis is latched onto by a mouth, forming a vacuum with his/her mouth around the penis and simultaneously makes a humming noise similar to that of a dyson hoover. This is where the name derives from. The sound resembles the noise made by a Dyson Hoover when a large object has been sucked up the channel and gets lodged. The humming must be stay constant throught the blowjob until ejaculation occurs.
awhh here slut give us a dyson will ya??

My god meg really mastered the dyson technique after our suspended sex show with 16 midgets!
while in a room with some girls just suprise them by asking for a dyson hoover! this chat up never fails!
I dare you to do a dyson hoover on me, when playing truth or dare is a favourite of mine to ask, freshers to the term!

got a savage dyson hoover lastnight!!!
by teddyy48 May 19, 2011