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The act of a male sticking his genitalia in a Dyson Airblade.

The act has a better effect, and is more believable if you have photographic evidence.

The female alternative is a Dyson Air Boob, where a girl sticks her boobs in a Dyson Airblade.

Therefore the abbreviation DAB works for either gender.
Brad: "Dude! Last night at the sushi restaurant they had a Dyson Airblade! After a full $5 pitcher of beer and a couple shots of sake Mark and I totally went Dyson Air Balling. We have pictures!"

Steven: "That's awesome! Next time, I'm going with you!"
#airballing #airblading #dab #dyson airblade #airballer #air baller #d.a.b
by Giant Leprachaun July 31, 2011
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