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A girl that will think a gangsta with tattoo's all over his body, covered in red from head to toe, blunt hanging out of his mouth, showing his glocks and chain's whos name is Pimp G and says that "He's so beautiful, he's also so nice, he couldn't hurt a fly." Shes a girl that sees guys backwards. First used by Dciggs in October 2010. Arpund this time he started using the prases "ENOUGH!!!" and "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!" Possible related to 2pacs "They know we've had enough, but they don't give a fuck."
Shar'iqiana: He look its Pimp G, he's so nice. I love him.
Dcigg's: ENOUGH! You a dyslexic bitch.
by Opacity October 20, 2010

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