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A common mental disorder amoungst females. Usually involving irratic, irrational, and unexplainable behavior. Sometimes misdiagnosed with depression or other mood disorders, these females can function at a highly intellectual level of thinking, but yet fall short when it comes to common sense. They Cannot Understand Normal Thinking, thus they acronym C.U.N.T.

Disorder Criteria:
-Irrational response to men
-Altered perception of morals and a distorted value system
-Sex drive (usually involving many and various men)
-Inability to maintain meaningful relationships with one person in a monogamous way.
Judy and Joe just got back from a vacation in Cancun Mexico:

Judy: You never do anything for me and you always treat me like a child
Joe: I just took you to Mexico for vacation and let you do whatever you wanted
Judy: You just did that to have more control over me!
Joe: Are you fucking serious?

Judy has Dysfunctional Cunt Syndrome
by Dr. Pat - PhD in women May 07, 2011
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