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To be so drunk that any boring joke will make you giggle like a little girl, and you eventually pass out (occasionally on a bus)with a purpetual smile glazed onto your face.
Girl: "Hey, good morning. How you feeling today? You were pretty drunk last night."
Guy: "Aww, dude, I was soo drunk! Oh Sh!t, I was so drunk, I was Dylan Drunk! Where did you find me this morning?"
Girl: "Ummm, well we're on the bus right now..."
by Dylans 'Friend' January 08, 2009
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Drinking way too fast and way too soon, so that you're "that guy". Being extremely belligerent and possibly removing all of your clothing, or headbutting windows thinking you're Chuck Norris.
Aron: "you gonna get Dylan drunk, or Dy-lan drunk?"
Dylan: "I'm goin for the home run, Dy-lan's comin out!"

Mike: "you gonna get Dy-lan drunk again and bullfight cars this time?"
Dylan: "I was thinking more along the lines of trying to do a backflip over a bonfire naked"

Balboa: "Did you HAVE to break the window?!"
Dylan: "That was Dy-lan... I can take no responsibility of what happens when he comes out."
by DJ DUI February 10, 2008
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