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A bakery for lesbians (dykes)
Let's go to the Dykery, I've seen some hot lesbians there
by dykexlove January 22, 2011
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Dykery, It's a culture! It's a lesbian social network that doesn't charge a bunch of hidden fees for it's services. Gives access to a number of cool web tools like:

- Geotagging for girls

- Blogs

- LGBTGI business resources

- Photo albums

- Video submission

- Shop for the girls

- Chat

- Vote on crap!
THE BEST PART? It's all about the user! Dykery let's the user shape the content, privacy, and ultimately the user experience.
Visit and sign up for an account.
Make friends
Get some groove on . . and on .. ...
Take me to the Muffin shop!
by Dykery June 26, 2012
8 0