A Very Very manly woman. A Lesbian of butch proportions
"Check out Dyke Jones over there"

"Dyke Jones lookin bitch is gonna beat your ass"
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
Top Definition
A.K.A Mike Jones

The term Dyke Jones was popularized by you could say "Rival" ex swisha house Chamillionaire. Used on Mixtape Messiah to rap back, and sure as hell " served " his ass up.

A "down south" rapper, who's lyrics are child play. He repeats his lyrics, and his name over and over. He thinks hes running the game, but truly hes a fake bastard.
No-No you don't nigga, Dike Jones just got wrecked
When I step in the club, you breakin' yo neck
You know why I'm here, to take my respect
You can't get next, I came to plex
So call up Dike Jones and tell him he just got wrecked

Who? Dyke Jones
by Austin AK October 07, 2005
The baddest dyke in the 614
also known as "DJ"
also known as "Alador"
also known as "Schlingy"
also known as "that bitch that fucked yours"
by DJ Alador January 06, 2013
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