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When a man puts his penis in a first woman's rectum and a second woman fists fucks the first woman in her vagina, stimulating the man to orgasm through the vaginal/colon wall without the man thrusting his penis while the penis is in the first woman's rectum; it's like a hand job, but without actual contact between the hand and penis. Also, the first woman is both penilely ass fucked and vaginally fist fucked at the same time, a more extreme version of a double penetration.
"Man, I was watchin' this two-hooker donkey show in TJ, and the mule was fuckin' the one hooker's ass, and then the other hooker gave the donkey a dyke jerk, felched the cum out of the first hooker's ass, and the hookers snowballed the mule's 'payload' back-and-forth before spittin' it in each other's faces - 'it was fun; I had a fun time ...!'"
by jrdl718 July 23, 2013