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A road in Elverta, CA off of Watt Ave that is known for being "haunted". Dyre Lane leads directly into Tan Woods Road, then Kasser Road. These three roads are supposedly haunted.
In the 1930's the KKK held secret meetings in the area. Along with this, there have been many deaths, including a cop killed mysteriously, a Rio Linda HS student murdered by gang members on Dyer Lane in the 80's, and a drunk driver, speeding, smashing into a tree, resulting in him being thrown out of the car and head on smashed into the tree, killing him instantly.
On the road, one can notice the bullet holes in signs, the trash and debris, building remains and couches on the sides of the road, the messages and body outlines on the road, etc.
Except for some houses on Kasser Rd and driveways that seem to lead to abandoned houses, Dyer Lane has no commercial buildings or resident activity.
His car mysteriously stopped running when he was traveling down Dyer Lane.
by dalopes916 March 21, 2009
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