Deal - With - A - Nigga. Often used as an abbreviation for the phrase "I ain't trying to Deal With A Nigga.", which refers to an individual who does not want to put up with an African American for any variation of shortcomings or mistakes made by said African American.
"I went to Mcdonald's and told them specifically not to put pickles on my burger, and you'll never guess what I found on my burger. Pickles. I told the guy at the drive-thru, I ain't tryin' to deal with a nigga. D.W.A.N.!"
by squigga bidik jackson May 25, 2012
Top Definition
Super sexy,highly intelligent,funny, fiesty,creative, sharp tounged girl often misunderstood by her peers. Has a big heart and is extremely loyal and protective of her friends and mates.But get on her bad side she has no mercy.She loves to snuggle,smoke weed, eat pizza and arm wrestle.When dwan is in a bad mood you can soothe her by playing loud music and giving her a blunt to smoke otherwise it's advised to avoid eye contact and stay atleast 10 yards away.
"yo what's up with dwan? she's buggin" ....don't know she must be out of weed.
by wanda green thumb November 25, 2011
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