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(du'Zán) - An over-the-top backlash or payback in reaction to some wrongdoing, usually strategically planned and ten-fold the causing action.

duzaner - person causing action.

duzanee (du'Zán'ē) - individual person acted upon, or main focus of the duzan.

duzani (du'Zán-ī) - Collective name of all individuals acted against OR all individuals unknowingly used in plan (Also see: pawns).

(slang: duze, duzer, duzee, duzing, duzied)
1a: "I knew she'd get me back, but for f*** sake, she hacked my account, changed my password, and synced all of my private messages to a public blog!"

1b: "Ouch! Nice duzan!"

2: "I got duzed over nothing!!"
by Feynril M May 16, 2011
To consume large quantities of Kolaches or other foods that should only be eaten in controlled amounts and quickly exit a building and deposit them in the parking lot by clearing ones stomach with horrendous noises and violent stomach contractions.
I totally duzaned my lunch tonight.
by Billy Biggins February 21, 2011