1. The end piece of bread that nobody like and just sits in the bag with the rest of the loaf till you are down to 2 pieces left.

2. The tasty part of italian bread with crust covering most of the bread
Hay don't eat the dutz its my favorite part of the bread.
by dutz man September 11, 2010
Top Definition
Your Dick And Nuts Acting As One Cohesive Unit
Dude, Get Off My Dutz
by GetSum6969 August 05, 2009
Short for "dirty", can mean:
1. Ugly or not very attractive
2. Gross or disgusting
1. That girl the other night was dutz
2. I don't want to clean that frying pan, it's dutz
by S-Oldnall June 16, 2011
It's a mix between a dumbass and a ditz. When you can't find the right word to use on your significant other... Dutz.
Sirena, being 18 years old, how the hell do you still put your shoes on the wrong feet. Fuckin Dutz.
by shawnzy20 December 18, 2007
Total fuckhead, idiot, dumbass
Dude, you broke the table, you fuckin dutz!
by Captain Misfit October 24, 2003
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