Can also be used the same way as "really cool" if used in the right context.
Yo Stu, your shoes are Dutty
NOT the same as
Yo man, Parker's fernie is dutty

by "Dutty" Velvet January 21, 2009
Top Definition
Literally "dirty" pronounced with a West Indian accent. Can also have a positive connotation, for example Sean Paul's album title "Dutty Rock".
"The girl is pretty but she corrupt and dutty!"

or, in a positive usage:

"Booya! That freestyle was dutty!"

by J Hall April 03, 2003
Dirty ( westindies )
Bun Yuh Dutty Skunt Bredren
Go Fuck yourself you dirty bitch
by Laquita December 28, 2004
dirty with a west indian accent.. Sean Paul says it the best .. The title of his multi-platinum selling album "Dutty Rock". Also the name of Sean Pauls crew.. "Dutty Cup Crew", also his "family" .. "Dutty Cup Family" which is a group on a record label.
dutty gyal.. "dirty bitch"
dutty rock.. "dirty rock"
dutty rocker.. "dirty rocker"
dutty yeah.. "dirty yeah"..
mi a gwaan fi check de dutty gal dem over der, touch her and tell her seh tonight ..
"im gonna go over to that dirty girl over there, and tell her 'tonight' (as is bedroom drilling. sex) ..
by Dutty Rocker July 19, 2006
when something or someone is dirty
1/ see that gal over there she a dutty mother f*cker!
2/ don't pick that up, it's dutty
by cerys anne April 19, 2006
Dutty refers to something that is vulgar and socially-unacceptable.
P1: Dude, I just threw up on a bird and then I took a picture and sent it to my Gran!

P2: Dude, that is so DUTTY!
by JediStarkiller October 27, 2011
Something that's sick, or cool, or entertaining. Mostly used by teenagers that think they're g's.
Boy: 'Yo did you see that goal in the match yesterday?'

Boy 2: 'Yeah, was dutty!'
by Jessie ggggg December 27, 2010
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