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noun; The game "Call of Duty 4" on Xbox 360.
Dude, let's straight kicks and play some Dutes.
by MLWoo June 02, 2008
13 10
General term for butt or vagina. This term is commonly used in the south-central and southeast US states.
Gal gone in there and worsh ya dute, you smell like ya need an autopsy.
by Mr. J.R. June 11, 2006
41 30
A small dog, such as a miniature doberman prone to clumsy behavior.
Dute, dute broke the bong dute.
by chuckyda October 10, 2013
4 1
both dumb and cute
Woodchucks are especially dute.
by BWhip September 04, 2008
18 15
Refers to anything you find awesome or extremly cool. Can also replace "dude" in a sentence.
That dute looks like David Hasselhoff, who is also very dute.


Thats a dute set of skins.

Your haircut is not so dute bro.
by A Day of Moments April 14, 2010
11 9
dumb and cute
Look at that woodchuck! It's so dute.
by BWhip August 27, 2008
19 18
Noun: A friend or homie, usually a negro or other male friend

Word originated from mispronunciation of word "dude"

Origin: Pennsylvania, 2010
Yo dute, hows it going?
by runners chub April 22, 2011
7 7