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Amazingly hot and awesome blonde girl of Dutch heritage. She is the girl of your dreams and she will not hesitate to make you scream. You better look out for her or she might get away. She's cool and has a lot to offer.
Damn man, you tapped that Dutchgirl last night? I'm so jealous. She is the girl of my dreams.
#dutchie #mamacita #bodacious babe #future milf #allisinful
by See Allisinful November 27, 2006
Slang term meaning the sex will be great, until she turns 28.
She may be hot, bi, and into it now, but mate, do not marry a Dutchgirl!
#dutch #girl #dutchiegirl #your #mother #dutchie
by dontdoitunlessisaidyoucould January 24, 2011
n. 20th century. A lesbian. Used because of association with Holland dikes.
by super love May 29, 2003
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