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When everyone in a group is expected to pay their own portion of a dinner bill.
by Daryl May 11, 2003
The unexpected result of a Dutch Oven gone terribly awry. Can be very messy.
"I was just going for a dutch oven, but it turned into a dutch treat. Oh well."
by Long Island August 13, 2004
When you go to 1 star motel in/around Lancaster Pa, then proceed to go to a Fuddruckers, get a blonde girl's number when you say it is your birthday, and finally proceed to take her back to the Dutch Treat Motel.
Dubi: Yo dude, it's a recession. You tryna share a girl? I mean...
Crazy Pat: Nah dude, I'm getting a Dutch Treat tonight.
by Dr. William H. Cosby Jr. Ed. D February 26, 2011
Sex act whereupon a man, after ejaculating, grips the softening penis and whips it in a circular motion (like a windmill) thereby eliminating any last drops of semen upon his sexual partner.
I finished up with Hester by giving her a Dutch Treat after blowing my load.
by carridedefinitions February 28, 2012
When a woman wears a halter top during sex, and at the moment her man is about to climax, she whips the top down exposing her funbags and lets her man bust a nut all over them.
Man: keep that top on. I wanna dutch treat.
Woman: feel free to rip it off when you're gonna bust.
Man: Oh god! Show me your tits now!
Woman (pulling down top): nice shot!
by nun that November 02, 2010
A species of marijuana, but doesent come from Holland.
Shanaynay usually favors dutch treat over chronic weed when she is feeling lonely.
by heartsreefrbabe September 01, 2004
A hooker with pigtails.
"Man dawg, that hooka was a dutch treat. Them pigtails was all like grips for the doggy-style. Strayt-up."
by Heffrey Q. DeMaranville September 28, 2003