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when a man grabs his dick and someone works his arm for him kinda like a hand job but the person giving it doesnt have to grab the dick
my buddy tom gave me a dutch rudder last night
by mclovin666 April 04, 2009
When a man get a hand shandy from a lady but he controls the pace at which her hand moves by holding her hand. Or it could be the other way around.
She totally gave me a Dutch Rudder. Or did I give it to myself? Either way, it was great!
by indefensible May 12, 2006
When you stick your hand up somebody's ass, grab their tailbone, and lead them around the room - much like steering a sailboat. This can also be done by using a butt plug with a handle on it, but is then called a dutch tugboat.
I put some swifters on Leif's clogs before giving him a Dutch Rudder. Living room floor was clean in about an hour!
by Mr Michael Bolton May 18, 2006
To put your penis in someone's ass and lead them around the room.
I'll give you a dutch rudder and we'll look like we're conga dancing.
by tonkin May 12, 2006